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PASTUREMAX™ Minerals are made from the highest quality ingredients and are designed to optimize performance during the toughest of conditions.

Each mineral is designed with the proper balance of vitamins and minerals to meet your specific animals needs.

PASTUREMAX™ Free Choice Minerals are manufactured, as ordered, to insure that the product you receive is fresh. Vitally important because the potency of vitamins deteriorates rapidly once vitamins are mixed with the minerals.

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Custom Minerals

“You can have any color you want…
as long as it’s black.” Henry Ford

We at PASTUREMAX™ recognize that everyone’s needs are somewhat different. To get the very best mineral for your specific needs, contact your PASTUREMAX™ dealer to arrange a farm visit by one of our mineral experts. During this visit, we will take forage samples, and review your feeding program. We will then develop an optimized custom mineral program. Custom minerals require a minimum 1,000 pound order.


The following additives can be added to any of our minerals:

Pasturemax Available Additives